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Inle Myanmar
Shwedagon Pagoda

Welcome to Myanmar

means we let you know an amazing new opportunity to visit a country in Southeast Asia; that we love and, our motherland with unique culture, friendly people from diversity of races, rich in natural resources, breathtaking landscapes, delicious foods, long history with old historical buildings.

WHY with Snowbirds????......

Our passionate team integrates creativity with experiences to enhance our attractive programs for different clients around the world.
We are not selling our products but selling our experiences.

WHO We are??? ....

The professional and experts from different arms of tourism umbrella, born together as a boutique Travel Agent to serve as Destination Management Company (DMC) in Myanmar with our brand name SNOWBIRDS.

As a local entrepreneur with our focus on responsible and sustainable tourism, we can handcraft the perfect program for your journey together with an interaction of local people.

What we are??? ..

As we mentioned above, we sell our handcrafted experiences by our professional and expert team. So, we assure your travel dreams come true. If you want to experience Myanmar as Myanmar, we warmly welcome to get in touch with us. Apart from our MICE, Luxury, Adventure, Culture, SIC, FIT and GIT program, we do create your requested program with finest touch.

Our Pride.....

As we are pioneer with our uniquely interesting products created by our passionate team.
We are clients oriented as always and customer satisfaction is our priority and passion.

Get in touch???....

If you have a question to shoot for more finest details about program and further assistance, we heartily welcome you with following mail - enquiry@snowbirdstour.com.

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