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About Us

Welcome to the Goldenland, explore with Snowbirds Travel and Tours

The professional and experts from different arms of tourism umbrella, born together in 2017 as a team to serve as Destination Management Company (DMC) in Myanmar with our brand name SNOWBIRDS Travel and Tours.

We, SNOWBIRDS aim to innovate the most unique products with our knowledge through more than two decades of experiences. Now, our new reliable products with the most reasonable prices are ready to introduce to all international travelers to Myanmar.

"The primary objective of Snowbirds Travel and Tours is to provide innovative and unique travel experiences for the best value showcasing the most spectacular places, attractions and activities in Myanmar, to exceed your expectation with happy experiences."

So, please keep in touch with our team, if you want to know what is SNOWBIRDS and its valuable services.

Thank you for your confidence with us.
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