Sagaing Region


Sagasing Hill in Sagaing DivisionThe Sagaing town is located across the Ayeyarwaddy River from Mandalay. The hills top of the Sagaing is dotted with stupas and the slopes areas are occupied by monasteries and nunneries. Sagaing was founded since 1322 and served as capital of Myanmar for two kings. It was also used to be the administrative town for the Sagaing division until the government decided to use a different town. Nowadays, Its famous for skillful handicraft of silver smith and pottery by traditional way.

Pon Nya Shin pagoda

Located on top of one of thirty-seven hills, Pon Nya Shin Pagoda offer the best view of Ayeyarwaddy river, Sagaing town and Mandaly city. The stupa was built by minister U Pon Nya in 14th century. The stupa is about 97 ft\30 m tall and has donation boxes,in the shape of rabbit and toad figures; decorating the prayer halls.

Umin Thonse

Umin Thonezeh Pagoda in Sagaing Division

A short distance from Pon Nya Shin is the Umin Thonse (thirty caves). The shrine is in crescent shape and contains 45 Buddha images. The images are dedicated to 45 years of existence as Buddha in this world. Among the Buddha images, 39th image was carved out from the granite wall. The shrine has thirty entrances representing the thirty perfections of Buddha.

Kaunghmudaw Paya (Sagaing)

Kaunghmudae or royal merit paya is located a few kilometers northwest of Sagaing town. The building of the pagoda was started in 1636 by King Tharlon and finished by his son, King Pintale,in 1646.

The design was the copy of stupas favoured around 3rd century B.C in India or Sri lanka, which was the shape of a hemispherical dome. The construction of the stupa was done using 995655 bricks;and the stupa is about 150 ft\45m tall.

According to the stone inscriptions and calculation of the architecture department of Institute of Engineering, it has a hidden relic chamber or chambers about 64000 cubic feet\1812 cubic meters in size. The relics are said to be the frontal bone or tooth of Buddha and alm bowl said to be used by Buddha. It can be seen from far away ,especially from the top of Sagaing hills. It is also famous among the locals as the best place to buy Thanaka;traditional natural cosmetic.


This place is famous for Mya Theintan stupa, Mingun temple and the biggest bell in Myanmar, Abbot of Mingun and Myanmar’s very first Home for the aged. This place can be reached by driving from Sagaing town or by taking a boat from Mandalay;as it is located 7 miles\11 km away,from Mandalay, upriver along Ayeyarwaddy. All the attractions at Mingun are stretched along the river bank within walking distance from each other.

Mya Theintan stupa

Myatheintan Stupa Mingun in Mandalay Division

A stupa of unique design, representing the Mount Meru of Buddhist cosmology. The central mountain surrounded by the seven rivers and seven mountain ranges with three stairways to reach the top. The stupa was built by the Crown Prince Sagaing in remembrance of his chief queen.


Mingun temple and the bell

Mingun Temple in Mandalay Division

Both the temple and the bell are the largest in Myanmar. King Bodawpaya decided to build the temple and two guardian lions in 1790. The temple was supposed to be 150 meters\492 ft tall and the project stopped when it reached one-third of planned height. Both temple and lions were damaged and destroyed by a series of earthquakes struck in 1838 and 1956.

A few meters north of the temple is the building for the bell of 90 tons. It was casted in 1808 on an island in the middle of Ayeyarwaddy river. It is one of the world largest ringing bell.