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Welcome to Myanmar

"Mingalarbar!". It is a common word of greeting and salutation at first meeting in Myanmar. It means “Auspiciousness to you”. The greeting that come out from bottom of the heart with heartily smiling, that Mingalarbar will bring you all good fortune and wellbeing for the day.

We “Snowbirds” has been established into a team, gathering different experienced resources of tourism industry to serve our valuable customers while they are in Myanmar, assist with careful itinerary when planed before physically arrived and departed Myanmar, not to lost their valuable time , money and expectation. We care for “Value for Money and Experience” to all customers to meet their expectations. Therefore, Snowbirds organized each and every destination of your tour with unique itineraries, services and reasonable price.

As we value your interest and expectation, guaranteed that you will meet your expectation and marvelous travel experiences with Snowbirds, fun, learn, enjoy and life memoirs.

We like to express our heartfelt thanks using common Myanmar phrase “Kyay Zu Tin Bar De” means “Thank you”. In conclusion, Snowbirds invite you to come and enjoy the lovely people of Myanmar, their peaceful feature of life, their hospitality and incomparable welcoming heart towards the visitors with our unique services and products.

Our Services:

  • Inbound tours
  • Pilgrimages and meditation Tour
  • Cruises Tours
  • Train tour
  • FIT tour
  • Car rental
  • Hotel booking
  • Tour guide service
  • Charter flight hiring
  • Flight landing permission
  • Domestic and international air ticketing service