Tanintharyi Division

The southern most part of Myanmar, border to Thai at the east and Indian Ocean in the west, look like a leg in Myanmar map,is Tanintharyi division. The western part of the region is home to more than 800 islands known as Myeik Archipelago with its indigenous people called sea-gypsie or Salon who spend their entire life living on their boat. Most of the islands there are unspoiled, still in their natural state. This is a place for scuba diving and beach lovers. It has a few large towns and beaches along the coastline. The towns are Myeik, Dawei and Kawthoung.

Kyaikkami Pagoda

This Pagoda is located about 55 miles south of Mawlamyaing. Kyaikkami means monk’s Paya (Buddha) by native Mon language. The shrine was built a short distance away from the beach and connected to the main land with a causeway which is often submerged during raining season.The shrine is dedicated to one of four Buddha images floated from Sri Lanka, a long time ago.

The legend said that one of Sri Lankan King made four Buddha images and put them on barges to let them sail across Indian Ocean, and all of them landed on different parts of Myanmar’s coastal areas.